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Workshops and Residencies

You pick the topic and we provide the lesson! With as little as 45 minutes or as many hours that you can fit into a semester, Algonquin Arts Theatre offers a wide variety of workshops and residency programs.

We can scale a program to fit almost any budget, audience and time frame. As a starting point, plan to spend about $200-$250 per workshop or per visit for residency programs (up to a 2-hour block). This program works best if we come to your school or organization, but we can help source a venue - even here at our theatre - if available.


Each workshop can accommodate up to 25 students. Many schools will schedule simultaneous workshops in multiple classrooms to accommodate more students.

Sample workshops include:

Pre/Post-Performance Workshops (Grades Pre-K through 12)
Students will actively participate in discussion and activities that will educate and explore the issues, production elements, and/or themes within the performances of a performance or book.

  • Talk Backs / Q & A Session with Artists
  • Engage with the artists and question the process of their work.
  • Backstage Tours
  • Grades: Pre-K - 12th

Behind The Scenes (Grades K-12)
A tutorial demonstration of theatre production roles.

  • Stage Craft
  • Theatre Performance: Acting, Music, Dance
  • Stage Combat and Choreography
  • Costumes, Makeup or Scenic Design

Share Their Stories: Creative Writing and Playwriting (Grades 3-12)
Take on the task of telling someone else's story through historical investigation, personal narratives, communication skills, observation and individual interpretation.

Public Speaking & Presentation Workshops (Grades 2-12)
Learn unique, powerful life skills to tackle public speeches or presentations. Conquer your fear of speaking in front of a group of people and explore creative individuality among the group.

Conflict Resolution Workshops (Grades 1-12)
Conflict is an integral part of any story, and therefore an integral part of theatre! Students can explore any one of the following areas: character development, endurance, obstacles, making choices, leadership, teamwork and critical thinking.

Teen Issues (Grades 6-12)
It's Not Easy Being a Teen. This workshop covers a range of issues and social challenges faced by young adults today; labeling/cliques, bullying, peer pressure, self-image, etc.

Literacy: Page & Stage (Grades Pre-K - 8)
Introduce students to the arts and inspire them to explore literary themes through an in-class workshop that will develop character interpretation, story line comprehension and maximize the impact of an observed performance.

Shakespeare (Grades 5-12)
Shakespeare wrote plays to be heard, not read silently! This workshop is best paired with a Shakespeare performance or in conjunction with school curriculum covering a specific play.


Need help creating a Drama Club or just want a creative outlet for an enrichment program?

Students will have fun learning how to bring a story to life through unique exercises and theatre class lessons. Teachers may learn these exercises as well so they can continue the program after the teaching artist finishes the program. Students can either develop and write their own original play or use a scripted play or a short story to explore and rehearse. There will be a performance at the end of the program for teachers, family and friends.

Residency Programs may take advantage of an extended version of our one-hour workshops that focus on: Behind-the-Scenes Work, Conflict Resolution, Shakespeare and Classical Text, Scene Study, Physical Comedy, Page & Stage: Literacy, Sessions with Artists and Core Curriculum topics.

These programs work best over a six-to-ten-week period with two to four hours per week.