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Performing Arts Academy

Our Performing Arts Academy offers year-round instruction to allow students to explore a variety of disciplines within the performing arts.

Not sure what class will be the right fit? We're here to help! Call or Julie Nagy, our education director, for assistance at 732-528-9224 or [email protected]

A full day option will be available once again for our two most popular class sessions. Students have the opportunity to enroll in just the morning or afternoon class, or enroll in full day (at a 20% discount).

Class schedule listed below.

Summer 2019 Class Pricing
Save 20% when you purchase more than 1 tuition. Ordering 3 or more tuitions? Please call to order so we can correct apply the discount below.
Class 1 Class 2+ or More Classes
Session 1 (AM) $325 $260
Session 1 (PM) $245 $196
Session 2 (AM) $360 $288
Session 2 (PM) $270 $216
Session 3 (Full Day) $295 $236
Session 4 (AM only) $360 $288

Summer 2019 - Full Day Discount
Session 1 (Full Day) $456
Session 2 (Full Day) $504

Financial Assistance: Please do not let cost prevent participation in our academy programs. Payment plans are available, and applications for tuition assistance are available from the Director of Arts Education.

The Algonquin's Performing Arts Academy is presented with support from Broadway Ray, PNC Bank, Horizon Foundation, Dodge Foundation and The New Jersey State Council of the Arts.

Policies: Payment is due in full at time of reservation. Multiple enrollment discount (20%) is by household (i.e. 2 students taking 1 class, or 1 student taking 2 classes). All reservations are final (no refunds) after the first day of class. Discounts cannot be combined.

June 24 - July 5
Session 1: Acting & Improvisation (AM)
Ages 6-17
Summer 2019
Weekdays. Class will not meet 7/4.
9 am - 1 pm
$325 (see chart for discounts)
Instructors: Nicole Clark, Frank Falisi, Anthony Giorgio & Kerrianne Spellman, Alexis Pellegrino

A. Creative Dramatics I | Ages: 6-7
Explore the world of the stage through characters and role-playing, using theatre games and improvisation to enhance foster creativity and encourage positive self-expression.

B. Acting I | Ages: 8-10
Build performance skills through improvisation, movement and character development.

C. Acting II | Ages: 11-13
Focus shifts to structured performance, taking direction and making acting choice.

D. Acting III | Ages: 14-17
Focus on the detail work of developing a character in the context of a play: understanding the character physically, vocally and psychologically, identifying character behavior in reaction to other characters, knowing what motivates your character and creating realistic theatre with believable, truthful characters.

June 24 - July 5
Session 1: Acting & Improvisation (PM)
Ages 6-17
Summer 2019
Weekdays. Class will not meet 7/4.
1 pm - 4 pm
$245 (see chart for discounts)
Instructors: Nicole Picinic & Nick D’Ambrosia

A. Scene Study I | Ages: 6- 10
Using dialogue from well-known plays and stories, young actors will read, interpret and perform written scenes.

B. Scene Study II | Ages: 11-17
Students read, rehearse and perform scenes from a variety of authors and tackle script analysis.

July 15 - July 26
Session 2: Musical Theatre (AM)
Ages 6-17
Summer 2019
9 am - 1 pm
$360 (see chart for discounts)
Instructors: Ali Gleason (Musical Theatre I) Anthony Giorgio (Musical Theatre II), Michael Olender, Sheryl Guerrero

A. Musical Theatre I | Ages: 6-11
ACT! SING! DANCE! Explore the fundamentals of musical theatre performances through introductory vocal, dance and acting.

B. Musical Theatre II | Ages: 12-17
Learn the essentials of musical theatre performance via vocal, movement, dance and acting instruction.

July 15 - July 26
Session 2: Musical Theatre (PM)
Ages 6-17
Summer 2019
1 pm - 4 pm
$270 (see chart for discounts)
Instructors: Natalie Hayes & Jarrod Scott

A. In The Spotlight | Ages: 6-11
How does a performance become a star turn? When actors bring their own unique qualities to the part! Using improvisation to explore familiar roles from musical theatre, students will learn to make distinctive vocal, movement and acting choices to some of musical theatre's best known roles.

B. Showstopper! | Ages: 12-17
How does a musical number become a showstopper? The whole ensemble must build strong individual characters and then work together. In this energetic session, students will sing, dance and act through big, showstopping production numbers.

July 29 - August 2
Session 3: A World Premiere Musical (Full Day)
Ages 9-12
Summer 2019
9 am - 4 pm
$295 (see chart for discounts)
Instructor: Ali Gleason

Learn an original musical, without a movie or Broadway playbill credit behind it. In addition to originating a character and introducing new music, students will also contribute to design elements like props, costumes and set pieces for a final presentation on the last day of class.

August 5 - August 16
Session 4: Acting & Improvisation (AM)
Ages 6-17
Summer 2019
9 am - 1 pm
$360 (see chart for discounts)
Instructors: Anthony Giorgio & Ian Moore

A. Creative Dramatics II | Ages: 6-11
Be creative & build a voice through improv.

B. Improv Wiki | Ages 12-17
Fun. Fun. Fun. Our instructor is a Wikipedia of improve games and students will use these tool to learn to think quickly.